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Objectives & Structure

Generate meteorological forecast information, and models for different energy generation, gathering the needed technical information for construction training and parameterization of the forecasting services. 

Define and evaluate advanced methods for managing EES with the objective of stabilizing and optimizing insular electricity grids.  

Definition of the data structures and models of the power and distribution system components, including development, testing and validation of the computational tools for power flow and fault calculations.  

Development of innovative advanced stochastic optimization models and tools for the short-term and very short-term operation of insular electricity networks under large-scale RES integration.

Development of market design schemes, and economic models, oriented to the introduction of competition in the short-term operation of insular electricity grids. 

Development of robust mathematical models and software tools to address the integration of RES into the planning of European insular distribution systems.

Develop advanced models that allow the integration of real-time information streams of the smart power grid with diverse information pulled from online services, in order to translate the veritable explosion of data that becomes available, into a comprehensive knowledge repository supporting demand response decisions. 

Implementation, testing and validation of all algorithms, models, and tools already developed. in the previous, including real-life implementation of the SINGULAR tools at the selected pilot facilities. 

Development of generalized guides of procedures specific for future generation of smart insular electricity grids. 

To widely disseminate SINGULAR project, developments and findings to all key actors in the field in an interactive way, integrating their feedback at key points of the specification, design, development and evaluation work, ensuring exploitation plans for key project results.


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